In August of 2015 I arrived in the UK, intending to live for three years before returning to Maine. Through various twists and turns in the road I now know I’ll have been here for six years or more by the time I go back, if I ever go back at all. I’ve worked, studied and made friends but something is always going to be missing from my life here. My parents both still live in America and I can only see each of them once or twice a year. I talk to them each on the phone for an hour every week, but it’s not the same as living in the same place. That distance is a presence, making itself known across all aspects of my life. Family life is more than just verbal communication; it’s hugs and kisses, shared experiences and days out, meals and evenings spent in each other’s company. When you live far away from your parents you miss things every day. I miss making dinner with my dad and the scent of my mom’s perfume. Coping with the distance is a challenge I have not mastered and I don’t think I ever will.