Isolation is a body of photographic work exploring the ways the pandemic and lockdowns have affected my mental health and relationships with others. It consists of 14 black and white images, some made digitally with long exposures, and some made on 35mm film and printed in a rudimentary makeshift darkroom inside my house. Throughout the lockdowns, I became isolated and lonely and spent more time inside my house than ever before. My long exposure images, featuring ghostlike blurs as I move my body through the frame, are meant to express how I felt like I was becoming a part of the house, a fixture inside it like the walls or furniture. My film images, produced entirely inside the house from start to finish, relate to the idea of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel; we all expect the pandemic to subside at some point and “normal” life to resume, but none of us know how long we will be stuck like this. I felt trapped in the dark, able to imagine my life in the future but feeling like it was unreachable and I could not take any steps towards it while stuck at home.